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the Seven Sleepers
Manoël Pénicaud / Le Pictorium
Caption :
Known in Islam as the People of the Cave
(Ahl al-Kahf in Arabic), the Seven Sleepers are said to have miraculously slept for several centuries in a cave in order to escape from the persecutions of the Roman Empire. Their awakening is a metaphor for the resurrection
of the body, in both Christianity and in Islam
(Qur’anic sura ‘The Cave’). The narratives
of the Seven Sleepers were widely disseminated. Numerous caves in the Mediterranean region are considered to be sacred places where this miracle occurred. This legend has sometimes given rise to joint veneration by Christians and Muslims.

Observations  :
This picture is part of the series and the exhibition "The Mediterranean of the Seven Sleepers", by Manoël Pénicaud
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