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2 4 cm / 4 2 cm (300 DPI)
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Full Title :
Prowling in the subway
Sylvain Leser / Le Pictorium
Caption :
Nicknamed Jésus

Homeless who sleeps in the subway for years, well known by the social services of RATP( public transport).
The team of "Oscar 14" knows him for more than 20 years.
Observations  :
Oscar 14. Night prowling with the team of the social network of the RATP(PARIS PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM). On the meeting of some of 400 homeless persons who live and sleep in the Parisian subway the winter.
In the presence of social workers Stéphane and Mohamed who for more than fifteen years know most of them. Helping in certain administrative procedures of reintegration, and especially creating this vital link for these persons, without emotional and family links which live in big precariousness.
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